Gary-Vaynerchuk.jpgSo, I just saw a post on LinkedIn by Gary Vaynerchuk about how he has no fear in business. I thought instantly before I read the article that that was absurd for us regular people.

Then I read it. He said he has no fear in business, not even losing all of his money, because what he really fears for is the health and well being of his family.

I realized that my initial instinct on his thought was right.

My fear of losing all of my money is directly because of the fear for my family’s well being. If I lost all of my money, I’d lose their shelter, their healthcare, their food.

I would start a new business in a heartbeat if I were single, and didn’t have them to worry about. But I do. I have people who count on me. And I don’t have a way to not let them down without my stable income. It is what it is.

My daughter is 2. She’s got to eat. My family needs our two income household to keep it’s two incomes.

For someone like Vaynerchuk, who is a gazillionaire, it’s easy to say oh I don’t have any fear of taking a risk. Because guess what? That risk for YOU is far less of a risk than it is for someone like ME.

I’m really tired of “advice” like this from multi multi multi millionaires. Have you forgotten what it’s like to be on the other end of the spectrum? Your advice sounds nice, but once I think about how it really impacts me, and my family… not so much.

(Gary’s Post: https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/nothing-scares-business/)


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