Talent and Ability

Three difference is subtle, but important.



So, I just saw a post on LinkedIn by Gary Vaynerchuk about how he has no fear in business. I thought instantly before I read the article that that was absurd for us regular people. Then I read it. He said he has no fear in business, not even losing all of his money, because... Continue Reading →

No Time

I've had some really great supervisors, and shone really lousy ones. I've also watched the dynamic on many teams over my twenty years of working. Those that succeed take the time to spend with their teams. Even when there may be so much going on that giving the time seems impossible, they take the time. ... Continue Reading →


I think I need to take a step back and think about how I have impacted other people. I really want to think that it's been mostly positive. 

Wrong Fit

It's so much easier to find the wrong fit than it is the right one? I had another interview this week.  Walking out of it, I knew it was all wrong.  The mix never seems to be quite right.  Great people, great work, wrong role. Great role, lousy work, decent people.  I think it's particularly... Continue Reading →

Compassion Is Worth It

So the other day, a young gal that works with me came by asking if we could talk.  I said "sure, what's up," expecting details of a new project she needed resources for.  This was a different conversation.  She's asked me to speak with her privately.  Someone very close to her had passed away the... Continue Reading →

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