When You’ve Lost The Will 

I feel like this is sudden, but it’s probably not.  I have lost my will to give a crap at work. 

I am totally on auto-pilot. I have never found myself here before.  Even at the worst of times at my old gig, I had projects and concerns. I went out of my way for things. 

Now, I find myself in this insane state where I really just sit at my desk, work slowly and keep my head down. 

This isn’t me. I’m passionate. I’m a fighter. I want to make change. 

The situation here has sapped me clean out of all of that good stuff.   It’s a combination of things that have caused this.  Bad management, disrespect, condescension. I’m being dramatic, but I’m a husk of the woman I have been my whole career. 

I need to find myself anew, but I know it won’t happen here. 


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