I get it…

The lure of retirement. Its unreachable siren song is beautiful.  The thought of 26 more years just smacked me out of that trance.  How big is that next Powerball? I think I have spring fever. 


I’m exhausted.. 

I think people see it on my face, despite all the overpriced concealer. 

The Slog 

I don't enjoy my present situation at work.  So, I feel like it makes time move slower every moment I'm there.  Of course, there are a few bright exceptions when I have a laugh with people I do enjoy. Mostly, work is a slog. Taking an hour to get there every morning gives me time... Continue Reading →

I think taller women are generally more successful than those of us that are average height or short. Maybe it's because clothes look better on them, more proportional. Maybe they're more confident (on average). Maybe I'm being height-ist.


Sometimes the things going on in my life feel like they're ripped from TV or a movie. I guess sometimes art mimics shared experience.

When You’ve Lost The Will 

I feel like this is sudden, but it's probably not.  I have lost my will to give a crap at work.  I am totally on auto-pilot. I have never found myself here before.  Even at the worst of times at my old gig, I had projects and concerns. I went out of my way for... Continue Reading →

Sick Kid = Irresponsible

In the reality that is working life, when your kid is sick, you have few choices other than to stay home.  Daycare won't take them with a fever. We don't all have a Nanny or a nearby non-working family member willing to babysit a sick kid.  My place of work frowns on telecommuting (yes, they're... Continue Reading →

Interview Tomorrow

I have an interview tomorrow.  I am relatively certain that I'm totally wrong for this role.   It sounds interesting though, so I will get up extra early, dress up, print resumes,  as go.  You never know.  If nothing else, I'll meet new people, and get some practice. 

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