Over 40… Shit

I never thought I’d be that person who complained about how hard it gets to find a job over 40.

But here I am. I’m over 40, and struggling to find a new job.

I’m either over qualified, because yes I have been working for over 20 years.  I’m incorrectly qualified, my experience is diverse and I don’t fit into the job description neatly.  I’m overpriced, because I’ve made some good choices (and see that 20 years note).  I’m too nice or pragmatic, apparently that’s a problem. I’ve actually heard that I’m too female (not to my face), which is hilarious because I’m soooo not girly.  I’m too “big” because I’ve worked for big companies so probably wouldn’t be happy at a small one.

I’m not really sure how to correct these “failings.”  At this stage in my life and career, I know my strengths. I know myself.

I also know I want to work with nice people, and do good work.

I suppose I have to just keep hunting, and hope that the buckshot of resumes I send out eventually strikes the right person. I also need to settle down and accept that this is going to be a process that takes time, and will be filled with rejection.  That is, until the right thing comes along.


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