Why I’m Hiding 

Unfortunately, we live in a world where we can’t talk openly about our workplaces, salaries, and problems.  I want to talk about mine, but because I also need to keep working, well I’m “Hiding.”

A lot of working women are. We seek the advice of others online becausebecause have few choices, but to me, a lot of it is rah rah generic advice that really doesn’t apply to me.  I wish there was more out there that was just “real.”

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Sheryl Sandberg’s experience will never be mine, nor will Cindy Galop’s. Mine will never be yours. Mine also isn’t coming from the, for many of us, potentially unattainable top.

I can’t shout out on Facebook, “hey, I’m looking for a job,” or “wow, the most sexist thing just happened at work.”  I’ll do it here hiding behind anonymity for now.

I’m just here to share me and mine. Take it or leave it.  Your choice.


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