Things I Miss About My Youth

It wasn’t all great, but some days, as I get older, I miss some of the things that make middle age feel like a boa constrictor wrapped around this old lady’s neck. (OK, I am being a tad dramatic.)

Let’s list some:

  • Summers off
  • Purple hair
  • Bralessness
  • The ’84 Tigers
  • Eating Ben & Jerry pints in one sitting
  • 3AM trips to all night diners 
  • 2AM wanderings just because (which lead to 3AM meals at diners)
  • Cheap rent
  • Cheaper clothes 
  • Sneakers EVERY day
  • CBGB, The Wetlands, and Coney Island High
  • Spending my extra cash on rock and roll
  • Having no cares
  • Caring about EVERYTHING
  • Learning new skills
  • Working for fun 
  • Working with friends
  • Having boundless energy 
  • Enthusiasm for every project no matter how small
  • Not worrying about retirement
  • Not paying for health insurance
  • Feeling mentored by my workplace superiors
  • Having nothing but excitement about my future career

It’s kind of fun to look back fondly at my attitude back then. It would be nice to bring some of that passion and enthusiasm, in particular for my work, back to the forefront of my life. 


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